Beta Capital Management - Methodology

Our methodology is based on constant interaction with our clients and the financial markets. Constant evaluation and communication with our clients help us to understand client requirements and goals and find the ideal financial assets to meet those objectives.

Working with our clients to implement each investment plan

We start the relationship with an in-depth analysis of our clients’ investment portfolios, their risk aversion, liquidity requirements and investment goals. Our goal is to provide our clients with the solutions that satisfy their requirements.

Constant evaluation and effective adaptation to change

In an ever-changing world in which the clients’ priorities, preferences and requirements vary, our advisers closely evaluate and examine changes in the market to achieve flexible management, adapting to new requirements and the market trends. Our continuous work with our clients is the key to knowing their investment goals. The process of wealth management is in constant evolution, underpinned by the specific requirements of each client. Throughout the process, the dialogue between clients and advisers is fundamental and constant.

  • 1
    First meeting with client
  • 2
    Analysis of client
  • 3
    Definition of goals
  • 4
    Definition of client profile
  • 5
    Evaluation and definition of financial strategy
  • 6
    Regular visits and follow-up

The relationship starts with a meeting to discuss the client’s expectations.

We analyze and define the client’s risk profile and their personal circumstances.

The wealth management approach and the client’s financial objectives should be fully consistent with the core needs and the business, family or personal expectations of each client.

We define the client’s risk profile in accordance with their needs and level of risk tolerance.

We design and plan a personalized financial strategy, based on a wide range of investment options which, once implemented, will be reviewed and monitored on a regular basis.

The client can follow the status of his investments and stay informed through regular visits, at any time.