Our wealth management model

Beta Capital Management - Management Model

At Beta Capital Securities, our first step is to listen and understand your investment goals and requirements. Next, we seek to analyze your background and experience, evaluating various risk factors to develop a personalized risk profile to achieve desired results within outlined risk tolerances.  We offer personalized advice to help each of our clients achieve their specific goals..

Safe custody with extensive coverage

With the goal of maintaining the highest standards in safeguarding client assets, we offer the custody services of DTCC, Euroclear Bank, Allfunds Bank, selected for their leading position, reputation, and reliability in the sector. Beta Capital Management LLC, our SEC Registered Investment Advisor, can provide asset management services operating pursuant to fiduciary standards.


Each client has a unique situation and particular requirements. At Beta Capital Securities we examine their situation individually to provide targeted solutions to meet each client’s goals. We offer our global experience in collaboration with the additional resources of the Crèdit Andorrà Group and leading strategic service providers in the sector.


The financial industry increasingly requires access to global markets to identify alternative investment opportunities. With Beta Capital Securities, you can access a wide range of global financial assets, including a large variety of domestic and international investment funds, to build a personalized investment strategy for you.

Comprehensive approach to wealth

Good financial advice should always go hand in hand with quality wealth planning, so we have professionals with international experience who will provide you with personalized service helping you to find the optimal solutions in relation to successions, donations, property investment, and investment vehicles, among others.

The goal of this approach is to preserve the long-term wealth of our clients and it requires:

  • Exhaustive analysis of each client’s personal and financial situation. 

  • Management and optimization of taxes to maximize our clients’ net return on investment.

  • Continuous monitoring of our clients’ investments, adapting to market changes.