Products and services

Products and services

All investors share the need to fulfill their short and long-term financial goals, so Beta Capital Securities, as a financial entity, aims to implement strategies that take into account the constant evolution of the markets. At Beta, we try to respond to the challenges presented by the changing financial environment, offering continuous advice and a range of globally diversified products and services.

Fixed income

Our professionals can offer a wide range of investment vehicles, such as sovereign debt, corporate debt, preferred stock, promissory notes, commercial paper, municipal bonds and CDs.


Shares, ETF & Investment funds

At Beta Capital Securities, we implement investment strategies that include investing directly in shares in the US and other markets, ETFs and mutual funds, to offer our clients a wide range of investment options tailored to their profiles. Our goal is to achieve the maximum return while meeting their investment and risk profile.

Renta Variable
Company valuation through fundamental analysis
Industry analysis
Individualized portfolio analysis
Analysis of strategic positions in listed companies
Trading blocks of shares
Technical and momentum analysis of the market
Futures & commodities

Beta enables a certain type of investor to access direct trading services in futures and commodities. Equally, Beta can help you, through its knowledge and experience of both speculation and hedging, to find an appropriate strategy for different types of underlying assets.

Options and Derivatives

Beta Capital Securities offers investment strategies in options and derivatives as part of a global investment plan. These financial instruments can help you to protect an investment with a hedging strategy.

Investment in alternative investment products

Structured products, hedge funds and private equity.

Alternative investments can form part of a plan that enables the appropriate portfolio to be diversified and optimized. These products have lower liquidity but can offer the potential to achieve higher returns and access to a category of assets and sectors or ideas that are not available on the capital markets.


We have established partners worldwide in securities custody, settlement, and distribution.

  • Euroclear: Safekeeping assets valued at €29.6 trillion with settled security transactions of €791 trillion per annum.

  • DTCC, Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation: Offering services to more than 130 countries with a value of more than $57 trillion. Processing more than 90 million transactions per day.

  • Allfunds: With more than 78,000 available funds and more than €380 billion in assets under management.
Lending (Margin)

Lombard loans are generally used to maximize your investment and increase your purchasing power. With this service, you can request a loan from our firm which will enable you to increase your investment capacity to make additional investments that maximize your returns. We offer the Lombard loan service at a very competitive price. For further information contact your Beta Capital Securities adviser.