Solutions that make us different

Beta Capital Management - Make us different

We go one step further to offer...

Wealth planning (estate planning, donations, property, investment vehicles)

Good financial advice should always be accompanied by qualified wealth planning, and we have professionals with international experience who will provide you with personalized service, helping you navigate the market and investment opportunities to find the optimal solution for your circumstances. 

Open Architecture

The finance industry requires ever more independence and access to world-wide markets. At Beta, you can access a wide range of global financial assets, including various investment funds (foreign or domestic) which can be utilized to build a desired investment strategy.  

Multicurrency platform and reporting

Understanding your consolidated position is crucial for keen monitoring and decision-making. At Beta Capital Securities, you will have access to a Multicurrency Platform (more than 30 currencies available) so, at a glance, you can see the position of all your investments, whatever currency they may be in.


Finance and Margin lending

Don't want to decapitalize? Want to pursue potential benefits from market movements? Beta Capital Securities seeks to offer opportunities to leverage your investments, by developing and following a stringent risk policy, allowing you to adapt your investments to market conditions, ultimately targeted at reducing or avoiding asset decapitalization. 

Counterparty network

We have been operating in financial markets for more than 20 years.  This history has allowed us to create a network in various global markets of more than 75 counterparties which we utilize to offer our clients competitive market prices. Our experience is of great value to you, with a high degree of knowledge in the execution of Latin American and high-yield bonds.